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Education within property industry is the most powerful weapon you can use to change your world. If you're an investor, a struggling business owner or an individual facing many challenges,take a deep breath,draw your second wind,dust yourself off, jump back into the ring and fight. This inspirational advice come from Mandela himself, who said "Don't judge me by successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and I got back up again.".

The fight is not against anything or anyone,it is about becoming a better investor, a better business owner and a better person! Fight against being average,fight against being mediocrity, and fight against being a mere commodity. Fight to make yourself and your business better, more visible, more valuable. Learn from the best investors and apply the words of wisdom and the principles from Warren Buffet, the world's no.1 investor, and from the Boere Buffet, Jannie Mouton, who himself applied principles from Napoleon Hill to become a billionaire investor.

This training will teach the following:
  • Learn how to use the economic cycles to your advantage. When everybody is buying,sell and when everybody is selling, buy.
  • Plan your future economic events in advance and implement your plans.
  • Partner with right people.
  • Property is driven largely by interest rates and broader cycles.Property has been through a period of low interest rates and we have become complacent and lulled into a false sense of security.
  • Asset management is an important ongoing process to replenish the portfolio.
  • Listen carefully and keep an open mind to good advice from successful people.
  • Don't get swept away by euphoria, understand your investments first that why Unlimited Empowerment is providing this training.