Why Property
For centuries Property has been the basis of wealth, from Kings and emperors to the gentry and wealthy landlords, the ownership of land, or at least control over it, was the measure of wealth and power. Still today the richest people and corporation in the world are those who own considerable property portfolios.

Why is Property the basis of Wealth
All market sectors in a capitalist society function according to the economic principle of supply and demand. The value of any commodity and the price of any asset are determined by the balance between supply and demand. Simply stated, when the demand exceed the supply, price increase.

When this theory is applied to property, it becomes clear why property has remained an asset that continues to increase in value over centuries. And as the world population grows, the demand for property increases.

1. How to qualify the Buyer / Investor

  • Lending criteria
    • Requirements (Collateral)
    • Cost of lending
    • Financial calculations demonstration
    • How to reduce Principal dept / bond
  • Different types of bonds
  • Interest Rates
  • Instalment Sales Agreement

2. The Purchasing Process

  • Finding a home / or investment opportunities
  • Buying at the right price
  • Buying through an agent
  • When is the best time to buy?
  • Steps & Processes involved
  • Institutions role (Bank, Estate Agent, Seller / Buyer and convancer)
  • Legal Documents / Terms / Contracts
  • Obligations (Buyer & Seller)
  • The registration process

3. Credit / Debt

  • Managing your cash flow
  • Debt in relation to NCR
  • Cash vs Credit
  • Credit Bureau - Your rights
  • Over indebtedness and Debt Counselling
  • Can you reclaim possession after repossession

4. Buy to let

  • Finding a tenant
  • Tenant screening
  • Application process
  • Tenants rights
  • Landlords rights
  • Pitfalls
  • Bargaining for a better deal

5. Sectional Title and Gated Communities

  • Costs involved (Monthly levies, etc.)
  • Body corporate and your rights
  • Do s & Don ts
  • Home owners associations
  • Security
  • How your levies are spend

6. Fixer Uppers / Renovators Dream

  • Renovating in a down market
  • When will you over capitalise
  • Pitfalls
  • Going green Affordable green renovations
  • Easy ways to save water
  • Lighting in the garden

7. Other topics could include:

  • Costal properties
  • Student housing
  • Retirement housing
  • Latent & Patent defects

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