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Welcome to UE

Unlimited Empowerment is funded by a prestigious SA based Business group having many successful Property Businesses in and outside South Africa. UE is a Member driven Property Association. We assist our members in Developing them with Knowledge on how to become Property Investors; You get Empowered through Property Seminars in virtually every Area relating to Property i.e. Bonds, Developments, Management, Property Finance, Industry Research & Legislation Guidance. Our Professional Advisors give their Time & Expertise to Entrant UE Members to the Property Industry at Large. UE Offers Property Seminars Nationally throughout the year. UE also provides you a Global Business Opportunity to create a solid income pipeline for yourself and your family generating thousands of Rands rolling your way every single month. Read more  

Training and Development

Training and Development

Education within property industry is the most powerful weapon you can use to change your world. If you're an investor, a struggling business owner or an individual facing many challenges,take a deep breath,draw your second wind,dust yourself off, jump back into the ring and fight. This inspirational advice come from Mandela himself, who said "Don't judge me by successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and I got back up again.". The fight is not against anything or anyone,it is about becoming a better investor, a better business owner and a better person! Fight against being average,fight against being mediocrity, and fight against being a mere commodity. Fight to make yourself and your business better, more visible, more valuable. Learn from the best investors and apply the words of wisdom and the principles from Warren Buffet, the world's no.1 investor, and from the Boere Buffet, Jannie Mouton, who himself applied principles from Napoleon Hill to become a billionaire investor. Read more  

Outlining the Product

By subscribing to Unlimited Empowerment, you receive the following: Professional Seminars
  • Property Seminars
  • Credit Health Seminars
  • Personal Empowerment Seminars
  • Financial Management Seminars
  • Motivational Seminars
Added Benefits
  • Up to 50% Hotel Discounts
  • Up to 20% Property Career Courses
  • Negotiated Medical Aid Scheme (pipeline)
  • Property Investment Opportunities
Special Features and Offers!
What's Hot

Invest in Property

UE works with authorised dealers
  • Invest Smart
  • Be Financially Independent
  • Save More
  • Empower Yourself
  • Own Property
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save big

We offer you, as a member, free personal reservation services for your travels.
  • More than 10 000 hotels
  • Up to 50% discount
  • 2 star to 5 star luxury

What's included?

The simple solution is to join a professional property club like Unlimited Empowerment that will empower you with property knowledge.

  • Access to risk management strategies
  • Training through Seminars & workshop.
  • Unraveled expertise in property.

New Member? Subscribe in 3 Easy Steps

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Contact us to get and fill in application form. Fax proof of payment with reference number being your UE member number. Initial fee is R500 once off payment.

Monthly Training Fee R350

Activate Account

If you do not receive an SMS from us within 72 hours of signing up, please contact our support on +27 11 463 8181

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How do I subscriber to UE?
Fill in the application form and put your UE member number as your ref...
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Why Property?
All market sectors in a capitalist society function according to the e...
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Why is Property the Basis Wealth?

For centuries Property has been the basis of wealth, from kings and emperors to the gentry and wealthy landlords, the ownership of land, or at least control over it, was the measure of wealth and power. Still today the richest people and corporation in the world are those who own considerable property portfolios.

All market sectors in a capitalist society function according to the economic principle of supply and demand. The value of any commodity and the price of any asset are determined by the balance between supply and demand. Simply stated, when the demand exceed the supply, price increase.

When this theory is applied to property, it becomes clear why property has remained an asset that continues to increase in value over centuries. And as the world population grows, the demand for property increases.

"Property is impossible without rights"
John Stossel

The right property at the right price in the right area can set you up for financial freedom as brick and mortar work for you even when you are not present.